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  1. Rare Oliver Super 44 tractor for sale

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    This is a very rare 1957-58 Oliver Super 44 tractor. Only 775 ever made.Tractor is in good condition with new tires all around, new battery. It comes with the original belly cultivator attachment (needs plow points). Runs and operates great, strong pto and lift. I will post a video soon. I am...
  2. Something I found in my backyard, what is it?

    What Is It ?
    Hello antique tractor community, I recently bought a home built in the greater Portland area in the 1920's. Behind the garage is a tall post, with what seemed to be a giant wagon wheel, I assumed it was meant to be for hanging laundry on, except it's directly behind the garage and doesn't get...
  3. Can't identify tractor seat

    What Is It ?
    Found this on my property near Ottawa, Ontario. House was build in the 1850's. I can't find a seat that looks identical to it and there are no markings at all on it. I found a few seats that have extremely similar and even identical patterns but they have a name in place of the outter bars. Can...
  4. Cockshutt 50-delux and 40 for SALE

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    1956 Cockshutt 50-delux. Great shape. Has good tires. Runs great. SN:50 20016 PRICE: $7,500 or best offer. 1951 Cockshutt 40. Fully restored. New paint. New Tires. SN: 40 2613 PRICE:$7,500 or best offer. Family is moving to a new state and they too big to come along!