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  1. MF 185 Backhoe Hydraulics

    Massey Ferguson-Massey Harris-Harry Ferguson
    I have an MF 185 backhoe and can't get the rear arm to lift. The front loader works fine, aside from needing to work some air out of the lines. When I bought it, one of the hydraulic lines to the rear bucket was busted and it had been setting for awhile. The line has since been replaced, but...
  2. Operator cabin project - First LED Worklight test

    Build It Yourself
    Today I test those LED work lights what I install on My backhoe cabin.
  3. Backhoe Bucket teeth repair

    Build It Yourself
    My backhoe bucket teeth are too short and worn out, repair them by welding extra steel on them. Link My video if this is not show here right.
  4. Back In Business - After Break Down

    Build It Yourself
    After break down and repair I got My backhoe in business again.. :good:
  5. Main Boom break Fix - My ATV Backhoe

    Build It Yourself
    Ok, now I repair My backhoe, some welding and add extra steel..
  6. Main Boom Break - My Backhoe is Break Down

    Things To Ponder About
    It last three years but now it is broken... if You want to say something good about this it is that camera was in right place... :(
  7. Bigger Wheels Upgrade - Towable ATV backhoe

    Build It Yourself
    Those original wheels on My Kellfri towable backhoe are not good on bad terrain, put bigger wheels on it.
  8. Combat against big stone

    Things To Ponder About
    Back to basics today, fighting against stones with tiny towable backhoe.
  9. Towable backhoe and operator cabin project - Second shakedown

    Build It Yourself
    I have planned to do operator cabin for My towable mini backhoe and now I get cabin almost ready. Windows, door, roof are ready and assembly, still need bonnet and wiring on the led working light, also some painting have to do.
  10. Towable backhoe and operator cabin project - Frame shakedown

    Build It Yourself
    This Easter I start making operator cabin for My towable minibackhoe, this is frame shakedown.
  11. My Tiny backhoe and Me

    Modern Tractors - Equipment
    I have own this small backhoe almost two years now and have quite fun time with it... want share some to You. Digging big hole and bury big stone: Testing extra counter weight on My backhoe, quite good results: Draining hard ground, lots stones and hard clay on bottom:
  12. DANGER FAULT in towable ATV backhoe

    Lawn, Motorcycle, ATV and Small Engine Repair
    I have own this tiny towable backhoe for year now and I found very dangerous faulty, wheels bearings are ruined even new machines.!! This can cause bad accident if wheels stop rotate when You tow this backhoe on Your car etc. Here video in problem and how to fix it. You can find Me also...