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  1. IH 10 Disc scrapers?

    General Tractor Talk
    I have an almost-decent IH/Case 10 double-disc grain drill. Unfortunately, most of the interior and exterior disc scrapers are worn or missing. It appears that the exterior scrapers are a simple piece of hardened or spring steel. The interior piece is the familiar cast pivot, with attached steel...
  2. Case/IH-10 Drill parts?

    Combines, Harvesters, Hay Balers, Implements
    I have a decent Case/IH-10 drill that's needing a few bits and pieces before we start planting here in California (November). In particular, I'm looking for inner/outer scrapers for the double-disc openers. I find rotary disc scrapers, but would prefer the original sort... if they exist. Hard...
  3. Case 431- Hydraulic Issue

    Case - David Brown
    Hi! I am new to tractors, this is the first tractor I have ever owned/used(26 years old here). Grew up in the suburbs, now I am out in the country and came across what I thought to be a good deal. I paid $1,500 for this Case 430 Draft-O-Matic (delivered to my house about 20 miles drive). He told...
  4. 1953 Case DC Seat Spring Question

    Case - David Brown
    I inherited a Case DC from my father-in-law when i bought his acreage. It seems to be missing the spring under the seat? The seat moves up and down, but falls completely flat when you sit on it. Does anybody have a good picture of a DC seat spring installed they can post? Here is a view of...
  5. Old logger, new tractor...

    Member Introductions
    Just bought myself & the wife a little Case tractor, and looking for some info on it. Figured you guys could help us. The tractor is 'new' to us. On the side, it says Case 430 (btw, it is gas, not diesel). But on the silver plate on the dash, it is stamped, "model 440L". And the serial # is...
  6. FOR SALE 1950s CASE SC Tractor

    Classifieds (Buy or Sell)
    Located in Chesterton, Indiana$1,200
  7. DB/Case 1290 drives snowy road

    Case - David Brown
    Driving snowy road to home..
  8. David Brown 1290 Pushing Heavy Snow

    Case - David Brown
    Today, again I have do to some snow work but glad that I have My DB.. :good:
  9. First Snow and First snow plow with David Brown 1290

    Case - David Brown
    Today I have to plow snows off on local road with My David Brown 1290 tractor.
  10. Restoration project - David Brown 1290 Year 1982

    Case - David Brown
    This David Brown I have do some painting, add new decals and change some worn out parts. White and black parts are re-painted, main body and wheels are mostly original color, only minor damages and rust is repair. Cabin is re-painted too ( outside). This tractor is really "barn find", last...