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  1. Farmall - International
    I have been working on leveling ground for a workshop next to my house. I have been making videos of the process and the video below is all Farmall Cub plowing dirt and looking at the work it has done so far. Just thought I would share and show how well my almost 70 year old tractor still likes...
  2. Favorite Videos, Tractor Book Or Magazine
    Here is a film from my archives featuring my 1951 Farmall Cub helping out with some firewood chores.
  3. Farmall - International
    Howdy, It's been awhile since I've posted on here. Thought I would share a video I just posted on my YouTube channel of my Farmall Cub cleaning up some heavy wet snow that was packed down in my driveway and had been driven over for a few days. There are a couple other videos of this cub on the...
  4. Farmall - International
    Plow on! Where's the snow? Part 4 Installing the Plow of my video series Rust to Farmall Red, Restoring the 54-A Grader/Plow is playing now on The plow has been installed for more than 2 weeks and still we have not had more than a couple of inches of...
  5. Farmall - International
    Finally got the video-ing done and had to break it up a bit. Here's the link to the series so far of my 54-A Restoration Parts 1,2, & 3. Part 4 is coming soon and maybe a Part 5 if we still haven't had a good snow fall by...
  6. Farmall - International
    Finally completed the 54-A restoration! I will have video coming out soon of the plow assembly process and installation on my '53 cub. I would encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel at so you don't miss it! (And check out my other Farmall videos)...
  7. Farmall - International
    Hi, here is a trailer for a video I made showing the process I go through to change my 1953 Cub from a planter to a mower. The link to the full length video is at the end of this short video. I hope you enjoy! - Tom ""
  8. Classifieds (Buy or Sell)
    This is a very rare 1957-58 Oliver Super 44 tractor. Only 775 ever made.Tractor is in good condition with new tires all around, new battery. It comes with the original belly cultivator attachment (needs plow points). Runs and operates great, strong pto and lift. I will post a video soon. I am...
  9. Member Introductions
    Hi, Looking forward to some great threads and conversations! I have some Farmall and IH Cubs and regularly use my 1953 on my small hobby farm. -Tom :hi:
1-9 of 9 Results