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  1. Case - David Brown
    I have David brown 995 that I it new clutch plates in but it is as if the slider fr the relates bear is comin to far as it drops down and catches on an edge on the shaft but it has to come that far to read the clutch could anyone tell what the problem is?
  2. Case - David Brown
    Today was very nice weather to play with My David Brown 1290 tractor, pull big stump away from Yard. :good:
  3. Case - David Brown
    Driving snowy road to home..
  4. Case - David Brown
    Today, again I have do to some snow work but glad that I have My DB.. :good:
  5. Case - David Brown
    Today I have to plow snows off on local road with My David Brown 1290 tractor.
  6. Case - David Brown
    This David Brown I have do some painting, add new decals and change some worn out parts. White and black parts are re-painted, main body and wheels are mostly original color, only minor damages and rust is repair. Cabin is re-painted too ( outside). This tractor is really "barn find", last...
  7. Case - David Brown
    Since 1987 We not have David Brown tractor but few weeks ago I found one, I make little restoration for it but in this video it just come to Me.
1-7 of 8 Results