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  1. Those wonderful colors of Autumn

    Things To Ponder About
    Some shoot with Drone on autumn landscape..
  2. Test - Drone GPS holding mode

    Things To Ponder About
    I tested that Cheerson CX20 GPS Drone GPS Holding mode function operability to three different height and position, let Drone fly and filming alone, same time cutting some grass below..
  3. Finally got perfect Drone flight !!

    Things To Ponder About
    Last evening everything was in My side, calm weather, full charged batterys and I even found My sunglasses. :good:
  4. My first Drone flights - Almost lose My nose

    Things To Ponder About
    I started new Hobby, fly a Drone, instantly things go off My hands.. My Cheerson CX20 Drone make decision to fly maiden flight by own, just shoot it self in the sky and almost brake My face... close call.. Be carefully with this gadgets.. they are NOT Toys.. !! This kind drone I have: