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  1. Build It Yourself
    Repaired backhoe bucket teeth test and couple welding fails to extra content.. . Test: Welding Fails:
  2. Things To Ponder About
    It last three years but now it is broken... if You want to say something good about this it is that camera was in right place... :(
  3. Things To Ponder About
    I started new Hobby, fly a Drone, instantly things go off My hands.. My Cheerson CX20 Drone make decision to fly maiden flight by own, just shoot it self in the sky and almost brake My face... close call.. Be carefully with this gadgets.. they are NOT Toys.. !! This kind drone I have:
  4. Lawn, Motorcycle, ATV and Small Engine Repair
    Be carefully with petrol when You fill fuel to Your smal engines, lawnmowers, petrol chainsaws... this happens to Me .. glad that engine was not heat. :banghead:
1-4 of 4 Results