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  1. Price range for f-20s?

    Farmall - International
    I have been away from antique tractors for the last nearly 40 years except for the odd tractor show here and there. I have two F-20s and I am thinking one of them has to go. How can I find what the market is doing now? Also have a pair of rear steel wheels for F-20 which i don't want; they...
  2. Installed My Restored 54-A Plow on Ruth the 1953 Cub

    Farmall - International
    Plow on! Where's the snow? Part 4 Installing the Plow of my video series Rust to Farmall Red, Restoring the 54-A Grader/Plow is playing now on The plow has been installed for more than 2 weeks and still we have not had more than a couple of inches of...
  3. Farmall Cub Snowplow 54-A Restoration Video Series

    Farmall - International
    Finally got the video-ing done and had to break it up a bit. Here's the link to the series so far of my 54-A Restoration Parts 1,2, & 3. Part 4 is coming soon and maybe a Part 5 if we still haven't had a good snow fall by...
  4. 54-A Farmall Cub Plow project complete!

    Farmall - International
    Finally completed the 54-A restoration! I will have video coming out soon of the plow assembly process and installation on my '53 cub. I would encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel at so you don't miss it! (And check out my other Farmall videos)...
  5. 174 Runner Removal & Cub-22 Sickle Bar Install

    Farmall - International
    Hi, here is a trailer for a video I made showing the process I go through to change my 1953 Cub from a planter to a mower. The link to the full length video is at the end of this short video. I hope you enjoy! - Tom ""
  6. Hello from Exeter, Maine

    Member Introductions
    Hi, Looking forward to some great threads and conversations! I have some Farmall and IH Cubs and regularly use my 1953 on my small hobby farm. -Tom :hi:
  7. H Farmall with a Stanhoist Loader

    Farmall - International
    Our H Farmall, it's been in this neighborhood all it's life. When the neighbor that originally owned it sold out and moved to town the neighbor across that road bought it. When that neighbor sold it at auction a few years ago we bought it. I've been enjoying it ever since.
  8. Hey all, new to the forum. Having trouble identifying a tractor

    Farmall - International
    Hey I have an old tractor that belonged to my father. I think it is from the 50's or 60's but im having trouble nailing it down. It looks like a farmall type tractor or international to me. Here are a few pics if anyone could help that would be great. I looked over the tractor and couldn't find...
  9. Farmall 504 hard to find parts needed

    Farmall - International
    I have a 1965 Farmall 504 gas rowcrop (Serial No. 13272 S U Y FF). Need several hard to find parts. These include a stabilizer bar kit (2 brackets, 2 bar assemblies) for the Cat II 3 pt. hitch. Whole Kit is OEM Part No. 382550R91. Brackets (Part No.'s 382536R1 and 382537R1) go on the bottoms...
  10. 650d farmall 1956??

    Farmall - International
    I am new here and have two 650 d farmalls and wondered if anyone has had any experience with the brakes as one is locked up solid??