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  1. Ford-N-Fordson
    I purchased a 1963 Ford 4000 and was surprised to find the tractor does not appear to have a parking brake. It looks like all that's left are a couple of teeth mounted on each side (near where the PTO dipstick is). I've looked around online and haven't found much on it for the 1963 Ford 4000...
  2. Ford-N-Fordson
    I have a 1962 Ford 4000 Industrial with power steering. The power assist works most of the time but sometimes seems to go away. My 1st thought is to try changing the fluid. Does anybody know what type I should use? The owners manual says use Ford M-2C41. I haven't had any luck finding out what...
  3. Ford-N-Fordson
    Thanks in advance for any help. I have attached a couple of pictures here showing the numbers we have found on our tractor but I am having trouble decoding them. Seems that we have too many numbers or not enough compared to some articles and pictures we have found. Any help is much appreciated.
  4. Ford-N-Fordson
    Greetings from East Texas again! My journey with the 71 Ford 4000 continues. The brake rod seals were leaking and I was intimidated by the wet brakes, so I hired a highly recommended diesel mechanic to tackle the job. He was reluctant, but not reluctant enough. When I got it back, the leaks...
1-4 of 4 Results