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  1. Classifieds (Buy or Sell)
    These three machines are up for sale in Central Wisconsin. I can try to get Serial Numbers on these if needed. The 8N was last run 2009. The 9N runs and was parked last fall and stored for the winter. I think the Allis is a WD that was converted to a 12v system 15 years ago. But it clearly has...
  2. Ford-N-Fordson
    Hello from Iowa - I recently finished a documentary which includes an entire section dedicated to Fordson tractors and their contribution to the war effort during WWII. I also cover the Ford N-Series tractors and the rocky partnership between Ferguson and Ford. I thought this might be...
  3. Ford-N-Fordson
    The area where the serial number is stamped says 860 138261 850-L <>17972?<> ? Is a number I can't make out. Can someone help tell me what the model and year is? Thanks Jeff Wish I knew how to post pick.
1-3 of 3 Results