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  1. Ford-N-Fordson
    OK guys, I am a little stumped. I have a 3600 Ford that I inherited from my dad. The problem is that the 3 point hitch is stuck in the up position. It has been parked for several months, but the arms haven't come down in all this time. When I start the tractor,the pump gets extremely hot, I...
  2. Ford-N-Fordson
    I am stuck, and hoping someone can help. My Ford 640 is not starting. I have changed solenoid, starter, checked gaps, new plugs, etc. I get a spark and gas. Main issue seems to be backfiring through carb. A local mechanic helped me remove the head, and we found there were two valves with...
  3. Ford-N-Fordson
    Good Afternoon Everyone. Thanks for letting me join your group! I inherited a 1973 Ford 2000 and was hoping to get a little advice on an idle issue. When I first got it running I had to leave the choke out to keep it going. Since then i have put in a new carb and it runs without the choke. The...
  4. Ford-N-Fordson
    First tests for My old Ford A64 wheel loader power... pushing some smaller and bigger rocks...
  5. Things To Ponder About
    Local snow blower left very hard ridge of snow on road.. try to remove it with My Ford wheel loader.. .
  6. Ford-N-Fordson
    Starting restoration project for My year 1980 Ford A64 Wheel loader.. firstly change new belts and air filters. .
  7. Ford-N-Fordson
    Testing My old Ford Wheel loader forces and push some very heavy snow.. here is about 1 meter snow... .
  8. Ford-N-Fordson
    Closer review on My year 1980 Ford A64 wheel loader.
  9. Crawlers - Loaders - Dozers
    Today got My next project, old year 1980 Ford A64 wheel loader.. will see how this goes..
  10. Member Introductions
    Hello to everyone at AntiqueTractorsForum. I am a newbie to old tractors and searching now for a 1963 / 1964 Ford 4000. I have a few questions for any old Ford tractor expert on here. I am hoping you guys can help me or at least point me in the right direction. Any advice will be greatly...
1-10 of 11 Results