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john deere 60

  1. Does anyone know what these are?

    John Deere
    Greetings! Growing up, my father had a John Deere 60. I would guess it to be a model from the 50's. After his passing, I found these in the barn. I assumed them to be side screens for the 60, but after looking at some photos, I am not sure. Any help would be appreciated. Mematdelta
  2. John Deere tractor questions, 1952 model 60 and 1950 model 50

    John Deere
    Hey there tractor fans! I could use some advice on how best to approach selling two tractors. I've been working with an estate here in Texas, I've selling assets for the last several months. We're down to these two antique tractors. The deceased had completed all the work on his 52' model 60...