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  1. Allis-Chalmers
    Hi I have an Allis 5015. The guy I got it from must have ground into 3rd gear a little too much. When I opened the shifter cover there were no teeth on the gear. I am pretty sure the part number is 2101079.- please correct me if i'm wrong. The gear has 32 large teeth and 30 small teeth. I have...
  2. Farmall - International
    Hey all, looking for a radiator for a 52 WD-9, any of you know where one is found, or what tractors used the same rad? it would really help!
  3. Combines, Harvesters, Hay Balers, Implements
    I have a decent Case/IH-10 drill that's needing a few bits and pieces before we start planting here in California (November). In particular, I'm looking for inner/outer scrapers for the double-disc openers. I find rotary disc scrapers, but would prefer the original sort... if they exist. Hard...
  4. Abandoned and Forgotten Places or Things
    Out and about yesterday, I stopped here and saw this large boneyard a few miles from my home here in Maine! Yes - a Winter Storm Warning was ongoing but not amounting to much. -Tom:hi:
  5. Massey Ferguson-Massey Harris-Harry Ferguson
    Hey guys, I'm new here, as well as new to tractors. I just picked up a pretty decent Massey Ferguson 150 and have plans to do a full restoration. The tractor runs well but the poor thing has been neglected in service. It has lot of wiring issues and missing parts. My question is; does...
  6. Case - David Brown
    I inherited a Case DC from my father-in-law when i bought his acreage. It seems to be missing the spring under the seat? The seat moves up and down, but falls completely flat when you sit on it. Does anybody have a good picture of a DC seat spring installed they can post? Here is a view of...
1-6 of 6 Results