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  1. Lawn, Motorcycle, ATV and Small Engine Repair
    .... can anybody please help her to find somebody to repair/rebuild the engine, we have tried the local dealer and they "can't get the parts"! It was her father's and she is loath to lose it! Any possibilities welcome, thank you Simon
  2. Farmall - International
    Plow on! Where's the snow? Part 4 Installing the Plow of my video series Rust to Farmall Red, Restoring the 54-A Grader/Plow is playing now on The plow has been installed for more than 2 weeks and still we have not had more than a couple of inches of...
  3. Farmall - International
    Finally completed the 54-A restoration! I will have video coming out soon of the plow assembly process and installation on my '53 cub. I would encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel at so you don't miss it! (And check out my other Farmall videos)...
  4. Farmall - International
    New here, I am wondering where would be the best place to list my fathers 1944 H for sale, ie, tractorhouse or something like that.
1-4 of 4 Results