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  1. New Steel Belted 14 Ply Trailer Tires 235 85 16 $99

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    New 14 Ply Steel Belted Radial Trailer Tires in size 235/85R16 Loadmaxx Brand. I have 8 of these I no longer need. I will let them go for $99 each and ship them to you for free. Give me a call at 402-791-2004 Troy.
  2. New 11.2 38 Tires American Made Pivot Irrigation American Farmer

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    I have for sale 8 of the 11.2 38 American Farmer Pivot/Irrigation Tires. They are american made in USA . I will sell tires for 150 each. I also have assembly tire, tube mounted on galvanized wheel i will sell for 375 each. Give me a call 402-791-2004 I have contacts with a shipping company so I...
  3. New 11.2 38 American Farmer R-1 Tires fit John Deere B

    Classifieds (Buy or Sell)
    Hello, I have 8 of the 11.2 38 American Farmer R-1 Tractor 4 Ply Tubeless Tires that I am not going to use. Tires are New and never mounted before. They fit John Deere B. I will sell the tires for $150 each. Call me and we can work out shipping rates, I have a friend that ships pallets all over...