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  1. Can't identify tractor seat

    What Is It ?
    Found this on my property near Ottawa, Ontario. House was build in the 1850's. I can't find a seat that looks identical to it and there are no markings at all on it. I found a few seats that have extremely similar and even identical patterns but they have a name in place of the outter bars. Can...
  2. New Member -- Happy to Be Here!

    Member Introductions
    Hi Y'all, My name's Adam and I'm a lifelong follower of everything tractor and antique machinery. But since I moved to the city, I can't enjoy all my Pa's old toys and instead can only help other people enjoy their machines through the means of transportation. I look forward to sharing lots...
  3. Cockshutt 40

    Classifieds (Buy or Sell)
    I have a 1951 Cockshutt 40. Looking to sell. Fully restored. New paint. New Tires. SN: 40 2613 PRICE:$4,900 or best offer. SN:50 20016 Contact information Call or Text - 308-353-0120 Email - [email protected] or reply to this thread.
  4. Cockshutt 50 - Delux

    Classifieds (Buy or Sell)
    I have a 1956 Cockshutt 50- Delux. Looking to sell. It is in great shape. Has good tires. Runs great. SN:50 20016 PRICE: $4,900 or best offer. Contact information Call or Text - 308-353-0120 Email - [email protected] or reply to this thread.
  5. Need Help Identifying Tractors/ Equipment

    General Tractor Talk
    Hello, All! I am looking for help identifying 10-12 antique tractors/ plows/ other equipment. Most is John Deere, but I think a couple may be by other names. I need help knowing what they are or what models they are so I can figure out how much each item is worth. I would greatly appreciate...
  6. Pulling Big Stump with David Brown

    Case - David Brown
    Today was very nice weather to play with My David Brown 1290 tractor, pull big stump away from Yard. :good:
  7. First Snow and First snow plow with David Brown 1290

    Case - David Brown
    Today I have to plow snows off on local road with My David Brown 1290 tractor.
  8. David Brown comes back after 28 years.

    Case - David Brown
    Since 1987 We not have David Brown tractor but few weeks ago I found one, I make little restoration for it but in this video it just come to Me.