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  1. Boneyard of a Local Tractor Equipment Shop

    Abandoned and Forgotten Places or Things
    Out and about yesterday, I stopped here and saw this large boneyard a few miles from my home here in Maine! Yes - a Winter Storm Warning was ongoing but not amounting to much. -Tom:hi:
  2. New 11.2 38 American Farmer R-1 Tires fit John Deere B

    Classifieds (Buy or Sell)
    Hello, I have 8 of the 11.2 38 American Farmer R-1 Tractor 4 Ply Tubeless Tires that I am not going to use. Tires are New and never mounted before. They fit John Deere B. I will sell the tires for $150 each. Call me and we can work out shipping rates, I have a friend that ships pallets all over...
  3. Toy Tractors Handcrafted

    Classifieds (Buy or Sell)
    I make generic very playable toy tractor trailer sets. Other toys also, please set my website for more information. Ideas are also VERY welcome! Here is an example. I can personalize them as this one is. I also make a 5th wheel steer wagon; but it is not as durable as the tandem ones are...
  4. Cockshutt 50-delux and 40 for SALE

    Classifieds (Buy or Sell)
    1956 Cockshutt 50-delux. Great shape. Has good tires. Runs great. SN:50 20016 PRICE: $7,500 or best offer. 1951 Cockshutt 40. Fully restored. New paint. New Tires. SN: 40 2613 PRICE:$7,500 or best offer. Family is moving to a new state and they too big to come along!