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100 B (PINKY'S) new seat (9-29-12)

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Finally going back together with the B.

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Photos from the parade yesterday :?:
I am still trying to find folks I know that had pics of us riding in the parade. No luck yet but here are some pics I got at the race for the cure

Tey also had a pink jeep, mustang, and Cadillac there int he parade as well as a float with survivors aboard. Kelsey got to be part of the survivor salute line where after the survivor lap they came through a bunch of kids and adults cheering them on for their courageous battle. Kelsey told me that she didt understand breast cancer but knew it was something like being sick and they had to get over it but some couldn't. She will understand more as she gets older. We decided to make it a yearly family event for us. Kelsey got to tell bunches of people about her tractor and several folks took pictures with her. We had a good time and for a good cause.
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Real nice for all the right reasons!!!Great event and cause. Looks like you had a good turn out.
They said our turn out was over 40,000 runner, walkers and registered participants, not counting volunteers and standby viewers. They said it was bigger that Chicago, and a couple other big cities.
Great bunch of photos, Thanks. Good to see such a big turnout. ;)
It's great to see you guys involved for such a good cause. Hat's off to you.
121 - 128 of 128 Posts
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