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Taken in 2004 at the cornerstone of the Maxwell Factory in New Castle, IN in 2004. The building was torn down soon after this picture was taken.

This old car hit the road 3 years before the Titanic sunk, Teddy Roosevelt was President, women couldn't vote and World War One was still almost 5 years away. The owner's manual literally teaches you how to drive and I can only imagine the sense of freedom that the first owner must have had in the days when folks rarely ventured more than 3 miles from home.

This car has a horizontally-opposed 2 cylinder engine with drip/splash oiler system and a thermosyphon cooling system. The two-speeds forward and reverse and clutch are all controlled by a single hand lever on the right side of the car. It has a single "mother-in-law" seat on the rear toolbox. Cadillac wouldn't invent the electric starter for three more years so you had to crank the car from the front to start it. That's why cars of this age are predominantly right-hand drive so you could clean the mud off of your shoes on the sidewalk before you got into the car.

While the Maxwell-Briscoe Company who built this car was quite successful, it got pulled into the United Motors merger which pulled all the capital out of the company and left it bankrupt in 1912. It was reorganized as the Maxwell Motor Car company which would again fall into financial hard times in the early 1920's. An engineer and automobile magnate purchased the Chalmers Motor Car Company and the Maxwell Motor Car Company, liquidated Chalmers and used the capital to fund and promote the new 1924 Maxwell except he changed the name to his own and called it a Chrysler.

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