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1936 Twin City KTA

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Been working on this one for????? a little while with a very good friend.
Wish I was smarter and took the camera for the full tear down to running :oops:

How it looked after the first road test

Other side

Yep says right there TWIN CITY :lol:

NEW fender homemade

And other side as well.
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I wish you had remembered the camera to. Thats a good looking tractor and you all did a heck of a job on the fenders. Don't think I ever saw one of those in person but I sure do like the looks of them. looks like theres a couple more MM's lurking in the shop to. Thanks for posting this.
You were right. it does look like a beast. Now all it needs is paint.
looks good, keep up the good work.
Looks like it ought to "get the job done"!!!!. Double thumbs up to ya. :D :D
looks good. great job on the fenders!!
New Fender look ,nice & shiny . Are they just going to show off by their self or what next??
Thats a good looking old Twin City. Is your beader a bench mount hand cranked or power feed with foot switch? You must also have a notcher for the radius 90's... I've made several pieces for guys that aren't that particular and ran the radius flat through the Lockformer then rolled the radius. Do you have a pretty good tin shop Bertman ??? You've done a great job on the fenders.
Nothing fancy in my tin shop. Everything is all hand operated :lol:
Ill try to get some pics this weekend
Very nice :D
My dad had a 1934 KTA on all steel that he got off his uncle for $15.00 back in 1953. Uncle Ben had it for several years & only used it to pull logs out of woods (didn't need to worry about flat tires) & had bought it for about that same price some years before. Uncle bought a lot of tractors back then when $10 -25.00 was the going price & most of the time left them hooked up to what equipments he put behind them, - one Silver King had a sickle bar mower attached when he bought it & never took it off, - an old Oliver 70 had cultivators on when he bought it & they never were taken off - a McCormick 10-20 was always belted to the line shaft that run the grinder, drill press, forge fan. in the repair shop
I worked a lot of ground after chores were done in the spring evenings & on one night it was near pitch dark but I still could see the dark worked ground from that not unturned dirt. The manifold was glowing cherry red as we run on gas not kerosene. You get used to the sound of your disc & cultipacker behind the tractor even thou you can't see them in the dark. I'm driving along watching the left edge of fresh turned dirt & hadn't heard for some time the same sounds from the equipment behind me. "Wham-bam-bang" I run over the cultipacker that had come unchained from the disc on last round (wondered why I was missing a sound in the dark) & lucky that I got the hand clutch throwed out before it tangled with the disc. Another good reason to have all steel wheels when you don't have lights when working ground nights.
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