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1937 John Deere B

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I have a 1937 B that I am trying to get tires for, I noticed that most of the 4.00x15 or the 5.00x15 tires are called for only be tubeless. I know that the tractor calls for a tube to be used. Is there anyway to convert the tractor over to tube less or do you have to use a tube. Which is more original the 4.00 or the 5.00 and on the back is the 9.5 or the 11.2 more original? If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it.
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You can run tubes in tubeless tires. I do it all the time.
My motorcycle has tubes in tubeless tires from the factory. (It has spoked wheels)
I trust in your case dave you remembered to use a innertube flap
Wecome to ATF .Glad to have you hear.
Make yourself at home and look all around.

Thanks for all of the replies on the tubes, never buying tires before I didn't know what I could do about that issue. I'm about to order the tires for the tractor and I was wondering for the front tires which was more original the 3 rib or the 4 rib. When I look at different peoples tractors I see a lot of people have 4 rib. Any information I would appreciate it.
The 4 rib tires are an alternate for wide front tractors. If you want original, get the 3 rib with the knobby edges. Check the miller tire website.
Back to tubes in a tubeless. In tubeless, the bead would break when the pressure was low and you hit something. Thin you had a flat. Not the case with tubes. Also, you can fill a tube with water and not worry about rusting the wheel. Low tire pressure gives better traction on some surfaces.

Like Lovesthedrive said, don't forget the flap.
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