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1939 john deere B project directly off the farm

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tugged this thing out of a 80 year old barn, tugged it another 75 yards to an open area to put it on a trailer. we put sheets of plywood on the ground and snow to help the sliding process onto the trailer. dad backed his trailer up to the tractor at an angle while I pulled it onto the trailer straight.

dads truck jackknifed several times and finally we got it onto the trailer.

1.5 hours later it arrived at our house and I tugged it off again. here it sits. got the plugs out and filled the holes with PB blaster and sprayed every nut/bolt on this thing. Going to make a flywheel wrench tomorrow to give it a little leverage but not too much. Its stuck. not sure how long its been sitting but I can say grandpa hasn't farmed this farm for 15 years so its been at least that long if not longer

1939 B serial 91521
its got shutters, fenders, spoke rims on the rear, pull start and its a 4 speed hi/lo?? also is an all-fuel with PTO.

the metal actually looks really straight, grills are nice and the muffler hole is not cut

here is some youtube video of it:

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Now that's going to be a nice little project. Good luck with it and keep us posted on how she's coming along. ;)
Looks like a great candidate for restoration. Good to see them saved from the scrap yards. Will be interested in your progress as it moves along
Looks like you got a good winter project there. Gotta love them fenders don't see to many with them around here.
here is my other model B I also picked up. this tractor has far more family value. both were stuck and both are now unstuck with the help of a home made tool. once I got any movement out of them I work them back and forth slowly like a tap and die with various lubes in the cylinders.

here is a video of the flywheel tool and the other newer B
Looks like a good time committment dave. I'll try to keep watching for videos. I haven't been able to keep up with other people's for awhile now
Looking at the videos of the farm land I spotted a number of JD's... just how many total are there in all the sheds? I couldn't tell if some were the same or not. And how bad of shape is the old Chevy (or GMC) truck ??
well currently there are 5 tractors at the one farm and 4 at the other and the 2 that I brought back makes 11 total. they all sort of vary in condition.

chevrolet trucks, neither road driven since 74
Classic example of an all original. That should make for a sweet project to restore. It's hard to believe all the sheetmetal is nearly perfect.
yah its hard to believe the metal on the older one looks really good, not cut around the muffler or smashed grills.

its been painted before I think, I see a larger logo under the visable one. who ever repainted it must have been a very long time ago
Couldn’t help but notice that one wheel has flat spokes and the other has round.
I’m figuring that one or the other doesn’t make much of a difference.

I’m interested in details about the rear spoked wheels.
What is the diameter and width of the rim?
How deep and wide is the hub part of the wheel?
How deep inset is the plate in the hub that mounts to the axle spline keeper?
What is the diameter of one of the spokes?

It won’t be JD original, but I would like to make a pair of these for my JD B. Not a high priority but would be a nice project.
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