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1948 Earthmaster Model C

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Thought I repost the photos of the Earthmaster, I restored this tractor 2 years ago and its a great little tractor today I started working on adapting a sleeve hitch plow to have a plow for it.

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Hi Kent, its mounted to the final drives and pivots there I have a long stroke hyd cylinder that's horizontal under the tractor that connects to the blade via a cable and pulley works good and then for the mid mount grader blade I just reomove a part of the push arms.
Is that a Hercules engine? I did those crazy seat springs too. Show some shots of raising and lowering the plow if you have them, please. I have an identical plow and I believe it has a Sears tag on it. Neat tractor, none around here.
Hi missouri massey man, no its a Continental N-62 (4 cylinder 62 CID 15.7 HP) I take it you want to see how the plow lift is going to work, well I haven't gotten that far yet, I've been working on my 61 Sears Suburban DB but have that about wrapped up so will be getting back to the EMT and the plow. I'm thinking of just attaching a hyd. cylinder to the plow hitch and to the tractor its just a matter of getting busy and doing it. Yea the seat spring are different but they do a great job its a good ride.
There aren't many Earthmaster around some estimates are around 250 left there was only approximately 2500 made in the late 40's early 50's.
I kinda suspected either a Hercules or Continental. If I could've spotted the distributer I would've known. That N-62 is also in the Massey-Harris Pony and in the Allis Chalmers G. Its the only continental whose rod journals are larger than the bore and the pistons HAVE to come out the bottom. Just a tid-bit of info, if you've not had to have gotten into the motor before. :D :D I'm sure you'll do a fine job on the hydraulic lift for the plow....sounds like your available time is somewhat limited too. :cry:
Hi missouri massey man, yep I know about the pistons coming out the bottom was a bit surprised when I went to pull the first one out and it was a no go. :eek: :D
Yea the Earthmaster and Pony engine only have minor differences but the Allis has many differences mainly only the innereds are the same the heads and blocks are really different, the Towmotor forklift also used the N-62. I've heard very similar to the Earthmaster / Pony engine. Haven't made any head way on the plow have been working on a lawn vac but just about have it done tomorrow it will be finished. :D ;)
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