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1949 VAC looks like a go

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I've been tinkering with my old '49 VAC, after sitting for years, trying to bring it back to life. I got it started, rebuilt the carb, it starts and runs, but...I discovered that the rear main seal leaks and it will need all new tires, there are cracks right through the sidewalls all around.

I've been checking around and I guess the rear seal is a doable job, the tractor has to be split, but the engine stays together. I checked compression and it is within spec.

So I've all but decided to go ahead with the restore, but would still feel better with some expert opinions. Here's a video inventory of where it's at, what do you think? Thanks.
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Thanks for the reply and opinions, Gordon. :) I haven't been able to drive it, the tires are pretty much shredded. I did rock it with the clutch, it seemed fine, the PTO works and the gears never gave me any trouble back in the day. The hood has no paint but is straight, no holes or dents. One side panel has rust-through, but I have a replacement. I picked up a pair of fenders with flaking paint, but they are dent free and never rusted. The front cowl has a couple of dents, I'm going to try to find someone who can do a pro job of getting them out. Rims are indeed solid, the tires were never loaded. You have a very good eye. ;)

I believe I will proceed with getting the tires. At some point I even have a wide front to go on, I'm very excited about that!

Here's a pic of it from 5 or so years ago.
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soundguy said:
them rear wheel weights almost remind me of a semi truck brake drum
I'm not looking forward to taking those off, lol.
Well I took a truck ride and got a pair of 12.4x28 Armstrong tires for the '49 yesterday. I paid $200 for the pair with usable tubes. They have cracks and some edge chewed lugs but they hold air and have 90% tread. I was going to buy new but the sticker shock was considerable. I figure I'll mount these and will have a chance to see if I like the size, and if I get that far they will be OK farm tires to use this hay season. I was hesitant to start the clock on brand new tires not knowing if I'd ever make it to a full restoration on this tractor. If I do, new tires will be the last thing.

Ha ha, as you can see, I'm still convincing myself that I made the right choice.
Thanks. I'm finding myself a little gun shy about tires, I'm sensing the rubber isn't as good as it used to be. I've got front tires on my Ford 2600 that were new 6 or 7 years ago and already have sidewall cracks. I'd love the look of new tires, but how long will it last? Why not save a bundle and live with cracks if they're only going to look like that in a few years anyways? I'm not sure I'm right, just thinking out loud.
Anyone still around? I finaly got back to the VAC project after sitting since I started this post.
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