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1949 VAC looks like a go

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I've been tinkering with my old '49 VAC, after sitting for years, trying to bring it back to life. I got it started, rebuilt the carb, it starts and runs, but...I discovered that the rear main seal leaks and it will need all new tires, there are cracks right through the sidewalls all around.

I've been checking around and I guess the rear seal is a doable job, the tractor has to be split, but the engine stays together. I checked compression and it is within spec.

So I've all but decided to go ahead with the restore, but would still feel better with some expert opinions. Here's a video inventory of where it's at, what do you think? Thanks.
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them rear wheel weights almost remind me of a semi truck brake drum
got to be easier than them IH rear weights I manhandled a while back. 150-165# each I think!

still.. dealing with any weight is tough. event he lil 30-45# inside the rim segments i bolted into t he front rims on my ford were hard to deal with at only 30-45# each segment.. just due to not having enough hands and whatnot..
that's a good deal. i paid similar for a set of rubber for an 8n and felt good about it.

with the price of rubber so high.. you take the deals when you can find them!
unfortunately much has to do with manufacturer.

i put a set of tires on my 98 dodge back in.. 02 i sold that dodge, with those same tires on it a few months ago.. still had tread left. was a daily driver up untill sept 2011. my wife has a 00 yukon.. it got a set of tires on it in 09.. i'd say they will be bald sometime this year.. they are already wore past the minimum 3/16" where if they get a hole or something they cannot / will not be patched or put back on the rim, if removed, by a comercial shop.

as you point out. I have tractors with vintage rubber that looks better than some new rubber.

makes ya wonder...
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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