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1954 Bolens Versa-Matic

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Here are some pics of the little tank. ;)
I have a plow, disc, and cultivator for it.

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Those were so handy. Wish they still made them!!

I like it!
I spent many a day behind one just like that growing up.
We also had a cycle bar mower for the front.
I put an old hand pull wagon bed on the disc,
and rode it along with a couple of concerte blocks for extra weight.
A real workhorse at what it was built for. ;)
I wish I could find one with a plow and a flail mower
This one was given to me by a nice old man that we delivered hay to, it was just sitting in the corner and he asked if I wanted it. I obviously said yes.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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