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1955 Chevrolet 210 "Handyman" 2 door station wagon

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When I was a toddler, my folks had a '53 Chevy sedan and they became a little concerned when I started opening the rear doors while we were going down the road (this was before the days of seat belts and child restraint seats!). To keep me properly contained, they traded the '53 in on a new '55 Chevy 210 2dr station wagon that we had for 5 years. I'm still here so it must have worked!

When I was working on this car, I found the original warranty papers which showed the proper serial number, the selling dealer and the original purchaser in Pierz, MN. We found their name in the phone book and called them. She was 95 and sharp as a tack and he was 100 and in a nursing home and has since passed away. It was neat to get to hear stories about their family vacations that they took in this old wagon way back when.
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That had to be a great and interesting conversation. How neet!

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