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1956 Farmall Cub

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Here is a couple pic's of a 1956 Farmall Cub that is unrestored and in good condition.
It has a fast hitch with moldboard plow, disk, and scrape blade.

This tractor really got me interested in IH Farmall Cubs
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That looks like it has had a good life with a lot of TLC. It is so great to see one in its original condition.
Thanks for the pics Jim, that's a good lookin' Cub :cool: ,
wish I still had mine
Tried buying one of them recently with plow and cult's. Guy changed his mind. Nice looking set up sir..............
That's a great looking Cub. Been well looked after.
Thats a good looking cub. I love the offset Farmall tractors. Seems the more you fool with them the more you see how much was engineered into them. Theres a adjustment for everything and easy to work on. To me they had to be one of the best designed tractors ever built. The quick hitch makes it that much better you could go from your plow to the disk and then to the planter without ever getting off.The only thing I ever changed from the factory setup was to move the adjusting arm on the quickhitch on the right side. It just made it easer to reach to me since that was the way you turn to see the equipment anyway. Especially when plowing or using a graderblade. Thanks for posting.
Great example of an original Cub!! Thanks for sharing!
Love your cub. It's in awesome shape. Looks like it was always kept indoors. I've logged more time on a Cub than any tractor. Ours was a couple years older than yours. I've got a special spot in my heart for Cubs. Thanks for posting the pictures.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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