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2 questions about my 730 Case

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hey all, newbie here.
Just finishing up work on my 730
1-I have a handle from a differiental lock cable under dash but previous owner cut the cable off, i would defiently like to fix this but i cant find where the cable would lead to i assume must be somewhere around the rear axle???
2- I have heard of guys attaching a electric fuel pump to diesel tractors from the 50's and 60's say helps with starting and gives a little more power, was wondering if anyone had a thought about this addition or if had tried at all.

Thanks in advance

after, just waiting for decals......
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Differential lock on a 730 Case? I have never heard of it and I have been around those tractors since they were new. The only cable under the dash I can think of might be for the radiator shutters. And most of them were disconnected or removed after the cables failed as the owners didn't want to be bothered with them. I like the design on your cab roof.
As far as starting, the most important thing on those tractors was the manifold heater and enough battery power.
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Went home got a couple pics but yes guess just shutters

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Hoping to get a Hydralice line fixed tomorrow maybe get a few laps around the yard .
Looks good, hope you enjoy using it.;)
Good luck with your 730 tractor and welcome!
They called them Comfort Kings for a reason! Very easy to drive these old girls. I miss spending time on the 930 of the neighbors. It was well worn, but a good tractor.
Nice 730!
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