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Time to get started I guess. My oldest son Brandon(Singlele Tree Farm) and his wife Kayla are going to start doing the famers market next year so rather than sowing a cover crop on the garden and since it will be enlarged quit a bit and we would be turning some sod we went ahead and turned it this fall.

Don't know if anyone noticed what was wrong with the last picture but hears a hint. Look at the hat.

My daughter in law was never around farming much but is all about learning and is doing just fine.

This is farm dog who stands ready to fend off any wild animals that may be lurking in the weeds to get one of us. All we have to do is hold her up to it and its all over.

And here is proof how much I love my wife. Thats right I am carring a Maltese.

Dad even got in n the act.

Ain't nothing shines up a moldboard like using it. Best way I know to do it.

Last but not least Brandon finally got to plow at night which I always enjoyed.

I know I got a little long winded and a little heavy on the pictures but there just ain't nothing that gets the family together any better than a old tractor in a field somewhere playing a little and talking about how much those who have done gone on would have enjoyed being there.

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Stephenscity said:
Thanks for sharing the pic Gordon. Looks like a great day!!Oh Tell Bandon he might need to change hats at times :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Thanks Mike. It was a great day.

bettyp said:
Gordon great pics ,love to see them everyone . Saw them twice..
Good looking dirt should grow great vegetables . Good to see your
dad out looking things over and taking his turn. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks Betty. Dad is usually around to help keep us in line and bless his heart he has his work cut out for him. :D

BigDaveinKY said:
Good luck with the market. I see everybody got a turn. Is that a one tractor plow day :?: If you did that today,
you all had a lot nicer day there than we did here. Yesterday rained all day, and today drizzled til noon.
Nutin' wrong with Brandon wearin' that hat drivin' a Green tractor, when it's pullin' a BLUE plow. ;)
Thanks Dave. I hope they do good to. We did the plowing earlier in the week just been to busy to post. Wish we still had that weather. Hadn't thought about the one tractor plow day butyour right. Problem is we only have the one set of plows and I was to lazy to keep changing them. :D Very observent on the color combination if he had on a orange t shirt he would have had them all covered. I do like the Ford plows though to me they just plow good trip backs are handy with the rocks to.

corn cob said:
farm markets can be a lot of fun and you meet a wide variety of peaple plus very interesting coversations establishing many relationships 2013 will be our 26th year doing local sat market plus we do a 2nd sat market plus a sunday market and a wed market our son does a sat tues thur fri markest keeps us busy if we can give brandon any help or ideas pm me i dont know how far you are from grand rapids but there is the great lakes fruit and veg confrence there 9 and 10 of dec excellent show with all the horticultral support suppliers there
Thanks very much for the offer. May be asking some qustions as we go along. The show your talking about sounds like a good one and would be very intresting to go to but we live in Kentucky and it would be quite a trip. I need to do a search and see if any shows like that are around any closer.
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