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Would like to do a season long garden thread here if thats o.k. with everyone. Different areas get started before others and I find it interesting as to what varieties you plant,--what crops and how big your garden/field is.
Processing methods are also important area to cover!
Equipment and methods you use in your area and of course PIX. of everything LOL!!
I just got the 18 bunches of onion plants in as the rains hit a couple days ago, so they got watered in good---now its up to them to grow. Had 3 long rows across the south garden.


started a couple seed flats in the basement on heat mats and under grow light and the center cells didnt come up! --never had that happen before! I messed up something! lol! anyway there is enough for a few early plants. the main crop will be started in the hotbed outside.

hotbed by the house and we have used it for 13 years. This year I doubled the size of it to make more plants.

here we usually grow our own sweet potato plants along with 3 or 4 different kinds of cabbage, cauliflower, broc. and eggplant.
How are your gardens coming so far?

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Sonny we plant mater seeds on our south-facing porch around February 20. We sow our seeds in trays, and transplant the plants into cell trays. About 2 weeks ago we planted our taters, oinions, spinach, and lettuces. Onions are emerging and some spinach is coming up. We are.gonna have freezing temperatures in a few days and that will slow our progress. We moved more mater plants into cell trays yesterday and have about 500 plants on their way.
We will have multiple plantings of warm weather veggies to extend our harvesting. We have been farmers market vendors for close to 20 years. Averaging between 2 and 3 acres of veggies a season keeps us pretty busy.
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