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2yrold interstate bat dies

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last time I mowed with my 950 I noticed the (non oem ) volt meter showing low like 8-10v.. thought my vreg or genny was going bad

12v gen off a diesel 4 cyl,and a 78dt megatron interstate bat.

I jimmied the reg with a tickle wire to get V up a lil and finished mowing.

went to start the other day and bat dead.. I figured ok.. vreg was gone and let her run down mowing last time..

charged bat up on a 2a trickle all day.. the topped with a 10a noticed needle swinging ont he 10a charger as it's cktbrkr was opening..

checked bat. 8v

let it set and it dropped to 6.3 within 20 m... and never went lower. tried it on the 80a charger at work and it just gassed and boiled alot.. but still 6v.

wow.. I've lose a cell or 2 in a bat before.. but never 3 cells.

and bat ain't even old really..!

swapped in my spare DT battery fired up and mowed this am..
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i suppose .. yes. in our area, when it turns hot, and when it turns cold, those are the most common times for bat's to die.

I normally get 3-5ys out of an interstate bat.. but this one died horribly. I'll see if I can get it warriented at work.. we are a stocking dealer.. date code isn't even 2ys old..a dn they should have 36 free repalcement and 50 pro rated months..e tc..
i'll wait till the rep comes by to swap out our old stock with new and see what he says. worst he can do is laugh at me.. ;)
even if he does.. It won't be the worst treatment I've ever had.. :)
if I get 3+ ys on a trac bat.. I don't gripe.. but when they go unde rthat.. it's exchange time.. :)
wizzard said:
ive had more bad luck with interstate bats then any other kind. store brands arnt much better. one thing i have noticed tho over the years is the vehicle makers dont seem to put a big enuff bat in anything realy, ive changed almost all of our tractors over to stud top 1000 amp semi truck batterys and havent had no prblems. oh and the 1000 amp'rs and the same money or cheaper!!!
I use interstate as we are a dealer at work.. however in a pinch I have used the 3-5yr walmart bats.. and they do make good ont he pro rate if it fails. might have to take it to them a couple times to proove it.. but they swapped the one in my yukon earlier this year and it was 31 months into it's life..
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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