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I bought some land in Texas Hill County and needed a tractor to do some work. My father has a 48 JOHN DEERE and helped me find a IH 300u. It sat for 2 years prior to my purchase and was a parade tractor a few years before that. It looks like the previous owner just changed the oil and got a paint job done (didn’t even remove all the dirt).

It turned over but didn’t start so I bought it. My father and I cleaned out the fuel system, gas tank, and rewired it. It smoked a little bit it worked. I did some field work this summer with it, and it worked “ok”. Had some issues but it got the job done.

I’m wanted to do a complete overhaul on the engine and head. I’m ha inch trouble finding high compression pistons. Stepped, dome, pop up, are all the descriptions I see. I’m used to working on V-8 race engines and it’s very specific, 9.8:1.

Where can I find pistons to get in the 9:1 range? Can I, should I go higher? Is there a high performance manifold option? I see other tractors use the 300s manifold for their high performance manifold.

I plan on working this tractor in the field, disking, tilling, shredding, etc.

Below is what pistons I have now, I believe them to be original?
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