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missouri massey man said:
Way back when posted, I was hoping you would find it then because you and your girls are why I drug this old guy out in the first place Derrick. I'm glad you found it, read and commented and hopefully Thele and Elise were looking over your shoulder.

Peacher, the way of country life was one of hard work and no complaints. A life much more simplified but by far not easier by any means. I guarantee any show this old 'A' is taken to it will be accompanied with a commemoration to old Uncle Woody.

Jim, glad to see you stopped by for a visit on the "green" forum....

MJ, I know you are partial to green, just like MissBetty. I think it runs in the family....but then I remember a very superb story concerning you and an Allis that started many years ago....

Thanks to all of you that read this post and thank you especially for the comments.
MJ no never any other color that was my dil on the Allis :D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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