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those lil flat 'wrenches', usually with 2 posts on them that engage holes in the lil hold down disc for holding abrasive blades into 4" angle grinders.. am I the only person that looses or bends / breaks those things?

if I don't loose them.. they break. I even made one out of flat stock and some heavy nails.. drilled and welde dthem in.. etc.. they still bend the lil posts.

I have an assortment of angle grinders.. some dating back to about 92.. some chinese.. some generic store brand that may or may not have been chinese back then.. may have been other import countries.. etc.. and at least 1 'good' makita.. which.. heck.. probably comes from china too.. :)
i keep my good grinder for correct tasks.. the others are on a variety of jobs. usually hav eone set as a cutoff tool, one on a wire wheel.. and one on hard duty grinder.. If I see a harbor freight 9$ sale on them i grab one and put it on the shelf. some times on a tractor refurb i'll burn a 9$ one up by the time it's done. I have a buckt of parted grindres.. every couple years i scavange thru and make 3 out of 5.. etc.

anyway.. back to the chuck wrench. so.. either bent or broke. anymore I don't even look for one anymore.. I go right to the chissle drawer and grab a suitable small cold chissle and with a few taps of a ballpeen the chuck is loose.
.. heck.. half of them don't even have the lil joke of a plastic lock button to lock the blade.. thus the chissle is about the only way to get a blade off anyway.. :)

am I the only one having to do that? :)
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