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40:1 in non-40:1 engines?

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I was given a WeedEater string trimmer recently. I know they're not that good, but it seems to work better than what I got. I don't think it was used that much. Anyway, I mixed up about a gallon of 40:1 gas for it. I have a moody Homelite that takes 50:1, a Ryobi that takes 32:1, and a Ryobi rototiller that also takes 32:1. Would it hurt those engines if I used the 40:1 mixture gas in them?
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I use the 40/1 in everything. They don't like it tough!! I'm not keeping a bunch of different cans of mix. For about 30years has worked just fine.Probably if you used them all day every day would matter but I've never had a problem.

I sorta do what Mike said. I mix the most oil/gas of my 2 cycles, and use it in all of them.
Happens to be 40:1, but if I had a 32:1 engine that's what I would mix and use in all.
A little more oil won't hurt, but a little less might, and I'm not taking chances.
Any extra smoke just helps keep the 'skeeters away. ;)
Thanks for the replies. I don't use any of them enough to warrant a separate mixture for them. Before I got this Weed Eater, if the Homelite was in one of its moods, I would just pour the 50:1 mix into the 32:1 Ryobi. I would just add a little more oil to the tank of the Ryobi. The Ryobi really is "old reliable" but it has a head on it that really gets on my nerves. Someday I should probably replace it. :oops: :roll:
I have seen some stuff here in Alabama that is called opti-2 it is a 2 cycle oil that claims it can be used for all mixtures. I suckered up and bought a pouch and am happy with it still using that gallon now
Seems a "good" quality oil will work, even at a less mix rate, whereas a "poor" quality needs to be at a higher mix rate. We have mostly Stihl equipment and use their mix rate in all the rest, using Stihl oil. The old homelights don't seem to mind....James
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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