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4000 Ford hydraulic pump drive ????

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Can anyone shed some light on where to get what I need to drive the hydraulic pump off the front of a 3 cylinder gas 4000 Ford ?? Steiner and CNH both have not resulted in successful attempts. Of course it could be me not negotiating the site quite correctly.

Another buddy is adapting a 700 series ford loader to his 4000 and is down to connecting the drive to the pump. The 3 cylinder gas is most definitely different in the front from the 4 cylinder whose parts ARE readily available. I'm wondering if the one I need is the same as the drive on the 4500 3 cylinder diesel ??? It looks like there is a very deep offset required to mount to the four bolt holes on the bottom pully. Any clues from anyone? Kirk(NJ)....souNdguy...??
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Sorry but I can't help much with the 3 cyl stuff. All my ford stuff is 4 cyl pre '65. Soundguy has the 3 cyl tractors and may be of more help.
Thanks, Kirk. Maybe souNdguy will catch this in a day or two and shed some light this direction...
what kind of pulley is in the front crank?

most guys use the internal ( side ) pump onthe 65+ machines , etc... just depends on the speed needed i guess.
I bought the hub that bolts to the front pulley, bushings, and and splined shaft from the local N.H. dealer a few months ago, for the pump on my 3400 TLB.
It's listed as a part for the 735 loader, hydraulic drive. I'm willing to bet its the same on a 4000, as there is only one drive hub listed for the different style 735 series loader pumps built through 1980.
Tell him to hang onto his hat when he get the price though. Just over $130 for the shaft, hub and four bushings. Classed as "Industrial parts" per my dealer, and the price goes through the roof.
You can find the parts list, and diagrams here N.H. Service after sales Click on parts search. Type in 735 and scroll down till you find 735 series Ford loader.
I may be wrong and it be totally different, but at least it's a place to start. ;)
yep.. i'd look on the parts sidte.. many times the buffoons at the counter are unable to think by themselves...
jamiep said:
Walts Tractor has some front mount pump parts but not sure what is needed on a 65+
You hit the bullseye with this one, Jamie !! I didn't even think of waltstractors. I have spotted everything we need to make it work correctly. The only problem being the fact the 700 series loader was not meant to go on a 4000 and now with it mounted with home made brackets, the pump sits pretty far in front of the crank pully.
We are going to have to increase the length of the splined driveshaft by either a coupling (if possible) or having it jig welded and checked for alignment at a buddy's machine shop. Either way, it will work just fine. Thank you, sir.
I never dreamed that anyone but the dealers would sell those pieces. :roll:
Could have saved a bit of money. :cry: I'll know to check around next time. ;)
is the distance merely an issue due to the bolster spacing, or is the pump on a frame piece to the laoder and being held out to far. if so, relocate the pump as close to the bolster as possible.
soundguy said:
is the distance merely an issue due to the bolster spacing, or is the pump on a frame piece to the laoder and being held out to far. if so, relocate the pump as close to the bolster as possible.
It used to mount to the loader frame, but he cut a new plate out of 3/8 steel and mounted it directly to the front of the tractor, behind the loader frame. Not enough room inside the front shroud to mount the pump and have adequate room for the hydraulic lines. He's got it looking real good right now.
i figured it would have to be moved off the loader frame, as that is wher emost of them are..
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