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460 Industrial backhoe

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Hi All,
I am going to look at a 460 Industrial backhoe this weekend. It is supposed to in useable condition, but my question is this.
How much does it weigh?
I have a 10,000 lb gvw trailer that is 18 feet long. Can I haul it with my trailer?
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Just a stab without all the details, considering that my 656 with an industrial Freeman on the front goes around the 10,000# mark and the 3pt back hoe that one of my friends has goes around 2,000#, would be guessing that your trailer may be just a little weak - it may not break it, but certainly not the safe way
It would be close I think. Remember you have to subtract the woeght of the trailer from that rating, so if its 2000, then you can haul 8000 on it. 460 bare comes in at around 5000, so add the loader, weights, etc, it would be close. I wouldnt do it.
if you do do it .
i hope you got i bigger truck like 3/4 ton .
good brakes on the trailer .
6 chains 3/8 and right binders 6 of them .
1 chain over the front bucket .
1 over the back hoe bucket .
1 over each wheel .
if you don't and get pulled over by the DOT or get in a mess . it WILL not be good .
please do it right .
Thanks for all the input.
I have a 2006 F350 rated at 11000 GVW and towing much more. The trailer is brand new and has 4 wheel brakes. I used to tow for a living. I have a CDL. etc . etc. Beleive me I know what I am doing. I just want to know if anyone knows the weight of the tractor. I have enough common sense to make a decision on whether I can do it with my rig or borrow something bigger. I feel that tractor weighs somewhere in the 8k range, anybody know for sure?
1947 Farmall BN undergoing restoration
My little Ford 3400 tlb weighs in around 10 or 11,000lbs, guessing 3000lbs. for the trailer. (13,750 scaled)
22' long with the bucket flat on the ground and the hoe in transport position. Tractor alone approx. 3500lbs.
I hauled it on a 14k 20+5 gooseneck and the hoe sat on the dovetail with bucket against the front.
I'm thinking a 460 tlb would be a bit bigger.
having recently hauled a 4K pound Super C on a 16' trailer with an F150 I am curious how this turned out. We only traveled 18 miles, and were not going much faster than what the tractor could have done under it's own power.
I bought the backhoe and I decided not to put it on my trailer. It is 70 miles away. My friend has a 10 wheeler Peterbilt ramp truck and he is going to move it for me. I still am trying to find it how much it weighs.
47 Farmall BN
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