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looking very good.

with the front jacked up and linkage a bit loose on the steering, can you see if the sector coming out of the steering box is running ture? maybee has a bit of a bend in it there?

A coils for our AC froze sunday night :) I tore all the panels off the unit in the garage and let it dethaw a tay.. got a few cans of the spray cleaner and did 3 seperate cleanigns on the coil cores with a brush. amazing what kind of goo collects on the coils.. and I had the a coil removed and pro cleaned last january!

anyway.. got it together last night.. put some drain line cleaner downthe pipe.. got the coil panels and whatnot all reassembled. put in a filter with a charcoal matt, as there is no way to wash the a coil out with water since it is inside the air handler.. ran it on fan for a few hours while we left the house to eat. that allowed it to air dry with circulating air and get the smell out from the cleaner ( amonia I think ).. carbon filter did it's job.

crossed fingers last night and started her up before we went to bead and she was cooling again. didn't push it and set hte thermo on something reasonable and she didn't show any signs of icing.. so maybee dodged a bullet :)
1 - 7 of 65 Posts
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