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49 Super A

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I now have a new problem.On the handles that control the hydraulic lift for the plows, is the pin a split pin or is it a screw?

thanks in advance for the help Robert
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It's neither,It's a clevis pin with a split pin through the end of it
I am not sure if I gave the correct discription of the part I was trying to remove the pins from. The two pins in the handles are the ones iI am working on. I am not sure if they are pins or screws.

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Going by the photos, There's no sign of a slot or an allenkey head, so to me they look like drift out pins, whether they are tapered or not?, you'll have to be cautious and go with the taper and not against it.
I'm wondering why you are pulling it to pieces ?, there are various products you can clean it up with, or sandblast it, take it right back to the metal, that's if it's not completely seized. (if it aint broke don't fix it) :)
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