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'51 B "throttle up" issue

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Hello all,
My cousins and I restored a 1951 B (pic attached). It has been converted to 12 volt, negative ground, with alternator. I have thoroughly cleaned the carb, replacing seals and gaskets, etc., along with replacing fuel filter. I have set the idle adjustment to 2 1/2 turns, and the load adjustment to 3/4 turn.
My problem is it doesn't want to "throttle-up", without gently increasing the throttle a little at a time. When I increase the throttle quickly, it "chokes down" and dies, unless I pull the throttle back to idle very quickly.
I'm sure that I'm not setting something correctly or am forgetting something, and think it should be a relatively simple fix.
Does anyone have a solution or suggestions for correcting this problem? I appreciate any help that y'all can provide.
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Very nice job on the B! Even though I have my Grandaddy's 40S I am not very familiar with the 2 cylinder Deere tractors. I suggest you make sure the timing is correct as well as check the fuel flow through the system. Do that by removing the fuel drain plug and catching the gas in a container for a couple of minutes. Watch to see of the fuel flow slows.
One thing I can think of is did you push a wire or drill bit through all the passage holes in the carb?
Best I can remember John Deere used to include proper sized drill bits in their carb rebuild kits to clean the passages.
Also, I had a different brand of tractor that was a 4 cylinder that would do the same thing because of a bad condenser.
Just because you may have replaced a condenser doesn't always mean it's good. I've had more than one condenser bad right off the store shelf. It'll make one pull their hair out looking for another problem.
Thanks, Jim in NC and BigDaveinKY.
Well, DUH! It didn't even dawn on me to check the timing, or the condenser! I did replace the condenser a couple of months ago, but I have 2 more new ones and will give them a try - after I check the timing. BTW, I did run a wire through the holes in the carb when I was rebuilding it and all seemed good at that time.
Also, here is a pic of the "B-st" (as I call her), when we pulled her out of an old barn - aka the before picture...
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You all got it looking good. (y) It didn't look too bad when ya got it ...."cept for the 20 years of dust and tire rot.
I blew up one of your photos and noticed an in-line fuel filter instead of a sediment bowl. Not saying that's your problem, but it could be. A lot of gravity fed tractor fuel systems won't tolerate that type of filter. It won't let enough fuel flow fast enough. That's why a sediment bowl and a very fine screen were used. That's a few things to check. Let us know what you find. Might help another one day.
Thanks so much, Jim and BigDave! I did adjust the distributor slightly, while idling, and it smoothed out nicely, so that helped a lot. Then I removed the in-line fuel filter, leaving just the sediment bowl w/screen connected direct to the carb. I hit the starter and it didn't even make a full turn before it started right up. I decided to test the throttle before letting it warm up (just out of curiosity). I pushed the throttle all the way open, as quick as I could, and...... she never even sputtered a little bit - just took the gas and ran like a new one!!! I was so happy that issue appears to be resolved.
I can't thank y'all enough for the help! Such a simple fix...and it didn't even cost anything! 😂
We had put the in-line filter on just because we were afraid we hadn't gotten all of the rust and dirt out of the gas tank (and we hadn't), and we didn't want any of that getting in the carb and causing problems.
Anyway, thanks again, very much!!
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Glad you got it fixed. Sometimes we just need a reminder or a nudge in the right direction. (y)
Good deal! Now give it some work to do!
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