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'51 F-5 as a tractor hauler?

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If I can ever get my 8n back in running order, I'm thinking of picking up a '51 F-5 to haul the tractor with. I have secret source that has offered me a running '51 with flat head v8 for around $800. It's a bit rough, but I like it's looks for now. But until the tractor is running again, this one has to wait. I will not post a pic until it is sitting in my drive, as the truck is sitting in clear view of the hwy and I don't want anyone to get it before me.
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Love those Ford flatheads. Even more unique was some of the bigger Ford trucks of that era that had the "Lincoln" flathead, the big job 336 cubic inch. Much more impressive than the standard 239 or 255 engines, although probably hard to find one complete nowadays.
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