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544 int.

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Joe them things use to be bad to back fire on Gas engine and break a push rod once and awhile .

fall down in the hole . Dad use to put the super a-c push rods in them they are solid vs hollow .

Should be laying down in around the the cam follower .
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Joe told your wrong on that engine it was the 424 he used the super a-c push rods in.

But still the 200 gas engine in 544 would back fire and do same .
I once found the throttle butterfly plate sitting against an intake valve. Unless there is a hole to the outside it should be there somewhere.
If that is a 239 engine i am sure they's no holes to make it to oil pan.

It should be broke and laying in behind the other push rods . take the cam follower cover off the right side the engine .
JoeD glad you got thr problem all taken care off and ready for field work.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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