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7.50 - 22 rear tractor tires

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Does anyone know what other brands and models of tractors had a 7.50 - 22 rear tire besides the JD L? I've been looking for a GoodYear brand tire to match the one I have. Most the L's used Firestone.
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Are you looking for the tire? Or are you looking for what tractor used that size of tire?

As to tire suppliers, my 60 came with tires from India (BTK's)
Unless it's used your not going to find a goodyear They havn't made ag tires for some time. Sold that division out.
You can still buy an ag tire with the Goodyear name on it. Titan Tire bought the ag division and they sold some of the molds to Kelly-Springfield. I would suggest searching a certain auction site as people are always liquidating old inventory and parting things out.
I am actually looking for another (second) used tire. I have one already.

1031d - you said search a certain auction site ... did you have one in mind?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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