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8N - Just one click

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We recently put a new head gasket on my 8n. I've been working on it here and there getting everything buttoned up and back together on it. I was cranking it over to check for fire the other day. The first few times I hit the starter (just for a few seconds) it cranked over. After that it would just click once. The battery is fully charged, starter is new, cables are clean. The solenoid is the old but it seems to be doing its job as that's where the click comes from. It just occurred to me to rock it in gear to see if it's stuck. Any other suggestions? Just pull it and clean all components again? Thanks!
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Ernie, if it ran fine before the head gasket, you might wanna bypass the solonoid with a jumper cable directly to the starter or the starter side of the solonoid. If it spins then, the solonoid contacts are not passing current. There shouldn't be a reason for anything to lock up with just a head gasket change. At least its a starting point. Let us know what you find, sir.
Had a simular situation. Turned out the pos. cable looked great but was green under the casing :shock: New cable, problem solved.
Clarification - thought the starter may be hung in the ring gear somehow, not the engine stuck ;) And I'll do that, thanks for the tip. The positive cable is new, the neg cable is old so I'll check it out. I have a new ground strap somewhere I can put on and see what happens. Thanks for the advice gentlemen.
Had the same problem with a 55 F-100, the cables looked good but one was bad under the insulation. Same symptoms.
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