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8N Losing power under load

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My 8N has started sputtering and almost stalling out when it has to pull an implement. Took out our single row cultivator today and it worked great for a few passes, then started losing power until it wouldn't pull at all without almost dying. I checked the easy things....cleaned sediment out of glass bowl and checked air intake. Seemed clean. I know I don't have my plug wires crossed, because it's been running fine. So: is this issue my carburator needing a rebuild, or possibly a fouled plug??? Help! :?
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Thanks guys! Points looks good. Have fuel flow thru carb...I removed plug at bottom and fuel ran out, although I'm not sure what volume of flow I'm looking for. Gonna try the cleaner sprayed thru the main needle hole this afternoon. Hopefully one of these fix it. I do feel like it's worse as the tractor warms up. Could that be the coil??? That might make sense in that you mentioned thermal issues with it....
Well, I pulled the main needle on the carb yesterday and gave it a good shot of cleaner and let some fuel run thru it for a bit. Definitely helped. I'm still going to check out my coil next time I use it and see how hot it's getting. Just don't feel like it's got the power it had when we were plowing last month. Thanks!!!
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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