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8N Losing power under load

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My 8N has started sputtering and almost stalling out when it has to pull an implement. Took out our single row cultivator today and it worked great for a few passes, then started losing power until it wouldn't pull at all without almost dying. I checked the easy things....cleaned sediment out of glass bowl and checked air intake. Seemed clean. I know I don't have my plug wires crossed, because it's been running fine. So: is this issue my carburator needing a rebuild, or possibly a fouled plug??? Help! :?
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Make sure you have a decent flow of fuel right into the carbie and that it doesn't weaken out after 10 minutes. (if it does, then you have a partial block,) If that's ok check your condensor in the distributor.
I do feel like it's worse as the tractor warms up. Could that be the coil???
It could be the coil breaking down under heat as it gets hot, if it's real hot too touch the coil is on the way out.
Sometimes a cracked inlet manifold will let the side down, running good when its cold, but as soon as it gets hot, the cracks open leaning your mixture right down. I'm thinking its more fuel or carburettor.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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