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9n pedals

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Has anyone converted their 9n pedals to 8n style. I have been using my 9n a fair bit and had a bad experience with a friends International diesel. Instead of putting the brake on I stepped back on the positrack pedal which is where the 9n brake is. I am concerned that the different pedal configuration is going to make me dangerous on normal tractors. I have heard of a farmer almost driving his cousins 9n through a thrashing floor wall and we speculate it was for the same reason different side. Any thoughts or experiences you would like to share would be welcome.
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the common reason a 9n or 8n taking some one througha wall is because they didnt have a over run clutch on their pto. Had the pto turned up and pushed in the clutch with out the over run and that pto will keep turning the transmission regardless of what your doing with the pedals. I learned that the hard way with my 8n while bush hogging.
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