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I'm replacing the thrust bearings on the steering shaft on my 9N/2N.

It has the early 9N/2N pinion gear with a horizontally split case where the sector shaft rests.

I've been successful at removing the old steering shaft bearings (but find it odd there is no lubrication system for these bearings - that "steering box" case is open to the transmission at the bottom!)

At any rate, the question I've come up with involves the upper bearing cup where it's pressed into the case. It had a concave spacer of sorts installed between the bearing cup and the case. I was able to drive the bearing cup out but I damaged that spacer while doing so.

I don't know if this thing is intended as a spacer, or a grease retaining cup, or what, as it's not listed in the Ford parts list at all.

If it was intended as a spacer it would separate the upper and lower bearing cups by that little amount, would that be a reason for it?

If anyone has this kind of early Ford knowledge, I'd love to hear it!

I've attached a photo of the shaft and its bearing and the (somewhat beat-up) 'spacer' to try to give it some perspective. 15723787010180.jpg

Thanks for any help!
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