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Was the early fall of 1948 when this took place. A dog named Pharo a radio flyer wagon and mom. I never did ask my dad why he named the dog that so don?t ask me why.
Mom wanted to go to the back of the property and pick some wild berries. Easy way was to use the harness she had braided from binder twine (dad had a corn binder.) for the dog then hook him to the wagon with me in it, I was almost 2 at the time. That worked real well as mom went up the lane to the very back of the property . Just as she entered the last field to be crossed a bunny rabbit took off out of the fence line angling for another fence line. Dad had just installed a brand new barbed wire fence there that spring. Mom is chasing that dog that is chasing that rabbit and yelling for him to whoa all the way. Some how she managed to get him to stop just as he got to the fence and didn?t take me and the wagon thru it. From then on mom always used a leash on him when we went for our wagon rides back to the berry patch. Mom also got even with the rabbit for scaring the dickens out of her. One cool fall day when mom was back in that field digging up hills of potatoes she spied that rabbit in the fence line. With a bit of a stalk she got close to it with a heave the shovel hit the rabbit and killed it. That fried rabbit tasted real good. So did the berry pies mom made all fall and into winter.
We soon moved from that home and property to a bigger place and more adventures with mom. We would have a pond to wade in till mom caught us. More land to roam and even a pet pig named Peanut Butter. I just found a picture of peanut butter , two cousins and my brother. Got to see if I can scan them and upload them.

:D Al
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